Saturday, November 13, 2004

web page

well the webpage is up and running is my new domain and home on the net, at the moment it is still very much under construction but i have managed to get the thoughts about 'Faith Hope and Love' that i promised upon a page of the same name under 'recent writings'.

The webpage exists really to promote my ongoing writing and speaking work, this exists alongside my ministry as a Vicar in these wonderful parishes of South Cambridgeshire. I love my role as pastor and priest, but value the discipline that writing and speaking need. I hope to continue and develop this part of what i do, indeed, what i am.

If anyone is any good at webdesign and stuff and would be willing to offer tips and tricks with regards to what i have thrown together i am happy to receive suggestions - just use the usual email or

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Smog said...

Hi, just found you Alastair... t'was the shared interest in Trade Justice that did it!
Anyway, interesting musings, and liked the faith bit on your shiny new website.
Great links, by the way - like the look of your US lady's blog!
On the subject of faith, came across a great analogy for faith... think it was Calvin or similar... to paraphrase, it's one thing to believe there are things called boats, it's quite another to have the faith to jump in to one and trust it to get you across the water. Actually, that analogy can run and run... but that's for another day perhaps...
Regards, Smog (aka Colin)