Friday, December 31, 2010

Last of the y ear

So all that time I though I would have for reflection and writing has zipped by, only to filled with the joy of family and lots of fun - so no regrets!

Before I get to the next year though, I thought I should stop by and wish you all 'Happy New Year'  I hope 2011 is a good one for you and yours.  God bless, and I will leave you with my thought for the New Year from the Midweek Herald....


Monday, December 27, 2010

Fifteen Films Meme

He's done it again, that Mr Ritchie over at Phil's Treehouse has lured me into a meme, this time on fifteen films - as Phil writes...
The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen films you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.
Not in order of preference.
1 The Matrix
2 Star Trek VI
3 Crossroads
4 Saving Private Ryan
5 It's A Wonderful Life
6 The Wizard of Oz
7 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
8 This Is Spinal Tap
9 Angel-a
10 The Empire Strikes Back
11 Fargo
12 Sliding Doors
13 Sleuth (the original, with Michael Caine & Larry Olivier)
14 Roman Polanski's MacBeth
15 Condorman

Yep, not a lot of high fallutin' stuff in there but in less than five minutes these are the films that most stand out for me mentally.  I could give a reason why for each one, but rather than waffle on, if anyone wants to know 'why?' then post a comment and I will respond. I didn't give any links for the movies I recommend you go check out IMDB if you don't recognise the names :-)

Following the tradition of the good Dr John, late and lamented, I don't tend to tag people - if you do this meme please let me know so I can come and explore your choices :-)

There's no stopping me when I get going on this blogging, Melli has previously commented on my tendency to flood my blog in one go having said nowt for ages.


And a though for the week too

You've never had it so good... Two posts in one hour (removes tongue from cheek)....


Before the end of the year...

I thought I really should put some thoughts down on, um, virtual paper before the end of the year, as this one time obsession of a blog has been repeatedly neglected in the past year.  It has been a funny old year for all sorts of reasons and either for reasons of sheer busy-ness or because my brain has been full of other things I have been less inclined to put things on paper.  I've had a few things going on that have distracted my thinking, feeling and doing processes in the past year or so as well so all in all the blog thing has been on a bit of a ropey footing lately!

I find myself in a strange position, there are lots of things I would like to say, and lots I can't because of the very public nature of a blog.  Not that there is anything negative to say, but just that of the thinking out loud aspect of blogging I might find myself saying something that is simply unhelpful!  I am not trying to be a 'man of mystery' but find that some of the things I am wrestling with, considering and praying about are much more to do with me than with the world outside and it wouldn't be beneficial to air them!!!  

This year has seen a lot of learning - and some lessons that should have been learned earlier!  I am constantly amazed and gratified by the dedication and commitment of members of our Church and Village communities to the life of these villages.  I have experienced some uplifting and inspiring times of worship and service.  I have enjoyed visiting people around these village communities, and I have also had some joyful and sad times with the round of Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms.  I am grateful for the support, challenge and prayer I receive from dedicated Christian people in our Church communities and from able and dedicated colleagues.  In many ways what is going on is very good indeed.

But as one year wraps up and another comes I am also aware that after two years of looking, listening and praying there are things we as a group of parishes in this Mission Community need to tackle more strategically - not necessarily changing things (though that may, with a bit of prompting from the Holy Spirit, happen) but thinking about what we do well and building on that.  

In two years I can only think of a handful of things I have encouraged and/or instigated that could be considered 'change'.  I am not someone who tries do do things differently for the sake of doing things differently - but I would hope that I am flexible enough to consider and work at alternatives where that need arises.  Likewise I hope that with a bit of help from above and my Christian brothers and sisters we could formulate a vision for where we are going, and why, and consider again what being a 'Mission Community' really is!

I may well get back into the swing of this blogging thing again as I have a few days to re-establish myself whilst I am officially on my post-Christmas break.  So I won't wish you all a happy New Year quite yet.  But as we are only in the third day of the season - Happy Christmas to you all!