Saturday, January 15, 2005

A lot more weeks without blogging

It has been nearly two months since I visited my own blogsite or wrote anything here (just in case you'd not noticed). There are a number of reasons why this happened, Christmas services & busyness (occupational hazard), immanence of small child appearing (no, not happened yet, but we have been anticipating for three weeks now) and generally lacksadaisicalilty (not sure if this is a new word, but do quite like it).

Actually, the real reason is that i have felt something of a lack of investment in this whole blogging process. When i started it was all very exciting and a few people responded and it was fun and i spent lots of time and energy putting stuff in. I also felt it was somewhere i should be honest and after a couple of quite vulnerable postings i think i wondered if i'd said too much for my own comfort and left a couple of people guessing as to whether i was talking about them etc. Then it became a bit of a run of the mill thing and i didn't get any responses and couldn't be bothered to put the same effort in and other things became more pressing and, well that's it - no blogging, no bother.

But now i am feeling some kind of need to rekindle this whole bloggy flame thing (and you may quote me on that, as i think it's a great phrase). Perhaps it is a perverse desire to expose my deepest thoughts on the internet for no-one to see (well i have no idea if anyone reads this), perhaps it is because i want to make a mark somewhere, even if it is invisible, perhaps it is a need to do something, anything to create an identity in this new cyber age - whatever it is i am back, at least for this posting, and thinking hard about what i could and should be writing about.

that's it for now as this is a Saturday night and i have services in the morning to prepare for, unless baby arrives of course.

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Scog Blog said...

Has the expected new arrival arrived? I am now in my fifth month and looking forward to meeting my new baby girl!