Saturday, April 23, 2005

Express yourself

I spent the morning today with the widow of a very talented and dedicated musician. It struck me in conversation that to this person music was life, it was all about communication, expression, emotion, mystery, precision, hope, love. Music was all.

Music is, of course, a language that is powerful and affecting. It is something that most of us are used to in the background (as i type this i have my internet radio playing some very chilled jazz - no doubt that i will be enjoying something heavy, or folky, or poppy any moment). Because music is so much in the background we often forget its there, a bit like we can forget what a gift language is because we spend all of our days gassing away - well i do anyway.

It is easy to debase the languages and forms of expression we rely on, to allow things which can be exceedingly positive to adopt a neutral policy. I do this with my music, my writing, even my observance of faith. Thank God that every now and then we all get a glimpse of the beauty and splendour of it all to remind us of all that we've been given. That's what this morning's visit taught me as i encountered through the stories of one person the life and expression of another person - what a joy!

I wish i was a musician, instead i am a guitarist of the 'bang out a tune' variety. But rather than envying others their language/expression i can appreciate and enjoy it. I should probably spend more time learning to use my language, that of words, and writing more - but there's enough guilt in my world for all the things i should/would like to be doing and i continue to do what i can as i can, with the help of God.

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