Monday, July 24, 2006

Still here - or rather 'I'm back'

Thanks to all of you who've not completely given up on me (my site stats show that there are a few folk popping back every now and then to see if i am still alive). After a few ridiculously hectic and fatigued weeks we went off on holiday for THREE WHOLE WEEKS to the house in which we have a tiny share in Bergerac, France. It was a wonderful break and very refreshing. The kids were delightful, wife and I got to have real conversations, and apart from the handbrake of the car snapping and me breaking the lawnmower there were no major mishaps!

I read a lot too, not as much as usual as there were real people to talk to (my wife, parents in law and mum at various times) - the brain cells also got a bit of a work out as i thought about life in general, theology in unguarded moments, and the possibility of writing a novel (ideas are formulating in a way they've not before). I did find myself hankering after the laptop that i had chosen to leave behind as i really did rather like the idea of getting some stuff written and in the heat there the idea of picking up a pen and putting words on paper all seemed a bit much.

My mind is racing with possibilities of things i could say now, but i will leave you in suspense as I try for an early night and put my thoughts in some kind of order to offer them abroad in the next few days.

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