Thursday, October 23, 2008

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A longer talk, part of a series on parables, as always continued on New Kid Deep Stuff

Coming home – the parable of the lost son

Jesus was a consummate storyteller. It may seem obvious to us now, but the way he used parables was, though not unusual in the ancient world, certainly striking and filled with a depth and meaning upon meaning that even now through the ages resonates with us as we try and know him more and seek his will and the Kingdom of God that he proclaims.

And today we are faced with one of the most striking and, in some ways to the leaders of his day, disturbing parables that he told. The parable of the prodigal son, as it is known, or perhaps more accurately the prodigal father or the lost son (as it is headed in the New International Version that we have here).

Of course, like most Biblical passages, it helps to have a bit of background, a bit of context to add to our understanding and, whilst we could probably never know the definitive meaning of any parable – as every time we read one new meanings come out – it might help us grow in our appreciation of all that is in this parable. [more]


Melli said...

It happened again! I just posted... came back... and it's NOT here. This is nuts!

I was just telling you that you give a wonderful sermon! God works GOOD through you!

I was also remembering today at communion, a remark our leader made at Bible study Monday night. She asked why everyone leaves the Lord's table looking sober and solemn. She was pointing out that we had just received a) forgiveness and b) the BREAD OF LIFE - and we should be whoooopin' it up! And we SHOULD! We should FEEL what happens at communion. Just as we should FEEL what we read in scripture. I'm going to work on that! I'm definitely going to be seeking mORe help from the Holy Spirit when I read!

Thank you Alistair!
(i sure hope this sticks!)

Melli said...