Saturday, April 04, 2009

The final part of the Creed talks!

Five Weeks later and we finally arrived at the last part of the Creed on this last Thursday, here's the opening and a link to the full talk at New Kid Deep Stuff

Lent 2009: The Apostle’s Creed
Session 5

I believe – and all the rest!

Well, it’s been quite a journey over this past five weeks as you’ve heard a lot of me speaking, you’ve had some pretty solid Theology, and you’ve even had the opportunity to talk to each other a bit too! As we embark on the home stretch here today I want to begin by saying thank you for being a part of these sessions, for your contributions, for your feedback and for your time and attention.
I was asked yesterday if we could have a little more discussion this evening. Well, we may have a chance to talk over some things but I just wanted to say that these evenings were something of a ‘one off’ in the sense that I didn’t set them up as discussion groups as we have around our different parishes – the purpose of this series was really to share with you some of the Church’s teaching about the essentials of our faith. Which leads me to say something else – as a society, as a culture, we don’t have much teaching any more – we’re used to information, and chatting and often a sort of pooling of ignorance! I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do believe part of my responsibility as a minister is to teach the faith as revealed (we believe) in Scripture and through the Church. Hence the particular format for these sessions… So apologies if you were expecting otherwise (obviously getting to the last evening might be a bit late to say that) but maybe next year we’ll have a discussion group course, or before then! [more]

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