Monday, September 07, 2009

Yesterday's Sermon

I did publish this one in advance after some very good and interesting discussion via Twitter but though the offer of making adjustments following comments was made as of yet there have still been no comments - for good or bad! I didn't link it from this blog, though, as I know some parishioners read this one and I didn't want them to know what I was going to say before I said it!!!

As always, a taster here and link to the full text at New Kid Deep Stuff:

Year B Proper 18 (2006) RCL Principal
St Giles’ - Open & Welcoming

So, who knows who St Giles was?

My first patronal festival here at St Giles means that I really felt I had to do a little bit of homework on who the great man himself was and why our Church might have been named after him in the hope that I could find something to say about him as we think on the part we have in this community and in our village. So I did a little bit of homework, and it turned out to be only a little as my first instinct was to turn to a book called ‘Exciting Holiness’ which said all I needed to get the thought processes going:
Giles was a hermit who died in about the year 710. He founded a monastery at the place now called Saint-Gilles in Provence which became an important place on the pilgrimage routes His care for the wounded and those crippled by disease resulted in his becoming the patron saint of such people both to Compostela and to the Holy Land., particularly of those with leprosy. Leprosy sufferers were not permitted to enter towns and cities and therefore often congregated on the outskirts, where churches built to meet their needs were regularly dedicated to Giles. [more]

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