Friday, July 23, 2010

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

As the wind whistles around my blog and the tumbleweeds blow up the street you may be forgiven for thinking that I have given up on blogging altogether. I haven't, honest, and I do try and get around and visit as many of the blogs I link to as possible as frequently as possible! I still value the insight and food for thought I get from my blog buddies, I like the challenges I read from those who see things differently to me and I wish I had more time to offer my own reflections here for those who are kind enough to respond and react.

It comes down to time - blogging takes thought and time (though you may not think so looking at the quality of some of my previous posts!). I have discovered that the time I have for blogs and twitter and Facebook, all of which I enjoy and appreciate, has had to take a back seat to the other things which fill my life - particularly my Ministry, my family and my friends. I am sure you'll all be pleased at my attempts to have some kind of work/life balance, or rather to have some integrety and prioritise appropriately. I'm happy with things as they are, on the whole, though have found myself more tired in this particular form of Ministry and life than in any other context. I wish I had more time to pray and to write and must take some of the blame for the imbalances which prevent those things sometimes - or rather which prevent more of those things happening sometimes.

I'm writing this on my day off, which used to be my day I never blogged! I have been abandoned by wife and children - though fortunately only for a few days as they are off staying with my wife's sister and doing all the kinds of things that children can't do in the middle of nowhere - a day at Legoland, Windsor, visiting the shops around London, generally enjoying the noise and bustle of urban life! So I decided to take a moment to say hi to you all and say just a little of what is going on. I do hope to get back into the swing of blogging, but if I am absent for long periods of time it's just because I am focussed on where I am and doing what needs to be done, or simply enjoying life with my family! Having said that, there's a few thoughts percolating around my brain which may well find expression later today...

...after a ride on my motorbike :-)

Oh, and look out for me on twitter (@revdal) as a quick microblog moment is so much easier than sitting here thinking!

And whilst here, a thought for the week (has to be done, for the sake of my own sanity in getting gradually up to date!) It seems an apposite one in the light of what I just said and comes from a couple of weeks after Easter!

One of the things which was difficult but worthwhile for me in the lead up to Easter was the silence that is such an important part of Holy Week. I am not naturally inclined to silence – in fact I find it very difficult. I fill my days with activity and busy-ness and the iPod, radio or TV are often on at home, in the car and in the houses I visit during my week. On Good Friday there is a traditionally a three hour time of silence – though many Churches have shorter versions of that service. Silence can make us confront the things we are avoiding about ourselves, our lives, our faith. It can be a struggle to take time to be silent, and to use that time to pray, think, meditate or just to stop – but if we let Him, God can speak to us in the silence.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I sometimes feel the same way, with me it is more I think I can find better things to do with my time. Usually when I get a Brain Flash for a post I am driving or some such thing. When I get home to make the post I just find I've lost all my Puff and Zest to Quote Ian Fleming in making that post.

I enjoy visiting my friends more, though I may not leave a comment, I have been by. As for the Facebook, I keep threatening to disband it, which I did once then I got questioned as to where I went.

Well, in the next few weeks I am going to be too busy to blog and post. I am moving Halfway back across the Country to be closer to my Sister and Family. Hopefully God Willing I'll be in Ontario by the end of August.

I got so much to go through and to see what I want to haul back and what I want to give, sell, or throw away.

Enjoy your quiet time Alastair.

quilly said...

I am very naturally inclined to silence. I am also very naturally inclined to patience. I have just fed your url to my feed reader and when you post, if I can, I pop over and see what's up. That way we can interact, yet we are each free to live our own lives. I think God wants us to live in the here and now. Ministering virtually is great, but I think we have a first obligation to those in our physical world.

Melli said...

I am a LOVER of silence! When hubby and the kids are not around, there is NO tv noise, NO radio noise, NO music most of the time... just silence. (tv may be on for Mom - but I keep it down low so I don't have to hear it!) Right now all I hear is the dishwasher. I love the quiet and time to think and definitely to listen for God's voice.

I do often wonder how you ministers of the church EVER find enough time to pray! I mean, I know you are praying WITH people at the hospital and in your office, and praying FOR people throughout the day in your busy-ness... but how you find time, alone, without the phone ringing and someone "needing" to work on your own relationship with our Lord. THIS is why I find it so important to pray FOR my church leaders... and for you.

I SO appreciate any time you come to visit us and teach us and mingle with us in the Blogosphere... but even I find myself in a blogging quandry sometimes, trying to find the balance between real life and blog life (not that my blog friends are not REAL friends...) But that is something else I pray about - and God DOES lead me to walk away from it or to use it as HE sees fit! I certainly DO feel that your first priority is to your congregation, but when you have time, we LOVE to see you here!