Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time is precious - online time even more so

Well, our two week break at Le Pas Opton, the French Campsite owned by Spring Harvest (all the links may well appear in later posts) is coming to an end and my hope of sitting, thinking. writing, blogging etc has proved to be a pipe dream.  It has been a worthwhile time, and I have had the joy of tweeting the talks of a speaker who in the course of the time we have been here has become a friend!  I will say more of that another time too!

One thing which has mediated against logging in and blogging has been the cost of wifi here - something which bemuses me; if we are seeking to be a church which engages with and is relating to an increasingly connected world then making internet access almost prohibitively expensive is at best foolish and at worst rather money-grubbing.  Anyway, thoughts about connectivity and new media probably need addressing, you guessed it, in another post...

So, it has been a mixed few weeks weather wise - but continental Europe is never completely reliable for weather - or rather the northernish bit isn't usually.  There has been much to do, much to enjoy, much to share and much to ponder.  Hopefully I can translate this into some thoughtful postings upon my return - along with a few holiday snaps when I can plug my phone into my PC.

Again, hope you're all well, catch you later....

Did I mention we were looking at a house to buy in France?  More on that another time too probably.

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