Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sermon - The End Is Nigh!!!!

A colleague, who is also a great friend, found herself all of a tiz over other things happening in her ministry and asked if I had a sermon for the 4th Before Advent Year A on file anywhere - well, it seems that I have never preached on this particular Sunday before, so I set about writing a sermon that may well never be preached by me!  I may use this as inspiration for the same week in three years time when the same readings come up again, but don't know if I will want to say exactly the same thing!!!  This is a taster, the whole of the sermon can be found at New Kid Deep Stuff by clicking on /more/

4 Before Advent (2011) Year A RCL Principal

The End Is Nigh!

You have to feel sorry for Harold Campion.  Perhaps you heard his name on the news back in May when on the 21st of May this chap predicted with absolute certainty that the end of the world was coming and that the world would be destroyed, the dead would rise from their graves and the faithful would be raised to heaven by way of the Rapture.  When it didn’t happen he quickly revised his calculations, said his Biblical Mathematics had been wrong and proclaimed with the same absolute certainty that the end of the world would come on the 21st of October.  Did you notice it?  Nor did I?.....  /more/

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