Tuesday, May 07, 2013

We Have Been Away For A Little While

File:ST-TNG The Neutral Zone.jpg

.... but now we are back

A little bit of Trek humour there, with words from the Romulans in Star Trek The Next Generation.... Though we might question the merits of bringing the Romulans back anyway... but I digress...

Yes yes yes, it has been a while, amazing how time flies.  The irony being that this Lent, during which I didn't managed to blog once, I set out to have a slower, more reflective approach to this season of penitence and praye. It turned out that it was my busiest most frenetic Lenten season ever so all of my hopes of thoughtful blog posts disappeared, as have the weeks!  Now we are nearly at the end of the Easter Season and once again the time which seemed to abundant weeks ago has slipped by.

So much for all my 'mindfulness' practise, my 'slowing' and indeed my 'praying'.  Not that I haven't been praying, but not in the centred, reflective way I was expecting to.  Which leads me again to question both the wisdom of my own model of working at this time, and whether I am trying to live up to unrealistic expectations in my own ministry, as so many Lay and Ordained Ministers end up doing.

Of course I am in a more reflective/nostalgic/thoughtful/slightly panicky mode anyway with our impending move!  That also means we are clearing out ready to ship off - some stuff being sold on eBay, some on Amazon Marketplace, some via Garage/Car boot/Yard sales.

Alongside all these things comes concern about housing (not yet found anywhere for our July 1st move!) and sorting, and making sure finances are all in place, and wondering about what we should do with our lovely French house that seemed like such a good idea a year ago!

So if I seem distracted, I apologise.  I might go for a flurry of blogging activity as I seek to get things straight (at least inside my head) in the coming weeks/days/hours... including a whole lot of 'Thought for the week' recordings I have been meaning to record and post, but for now this is a quick hello, and a watch this space.  Hopefully you wont' have to watch for too long!

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