Monday, March 03, 2014

Wedding video and the joy of marriage.

I love weddings, it's part of the huge privilege of Pastoral Ministry to mark special events in people's lives and to share in both the bad and the good.  I also love a good video - and this video made of a wedding I did I find very moving, not just because they were gracious enough to include me in the video, and some of what I said in my sermon, but because the whole thing has a positive and thoughtful feel about it.  This video gives a pretty good vibe of how a wedding can feel.  Not that the wedding is the be all and end all, marriage is the real purpose of all of this and that takes work - but this video gives a glimpse of a couple who are deeply committed to one another, surrounded by friends and family, and who wanted to have their wedding affirmed and blessed - something the Church is very happy indeed to do. 

I love the song too.  Enjoy!

jonathan+melanie from Paper Heart Films on Vimeo.

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