Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It was my privilege today to preach at the weekly '12 Step Eucharist' which takes place at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria on Tuesday evenings.  I chose the theme, taken from the Lections from the Tuesday for Holy Week, of Death and Resurrection (surprise, a very unexpected theme for Holy Week...)

As it won't be shared anywhere else, for the time being, here's a taster, the full text is on my 'New Kid Deep Stuff' blog (where old sermons go to receive their rest)

Tuesday in Holy Week 2014 – 12 Step Eucharist

Death and resurrection

We don’t like talking about death.  At least as a society we steer clear of talking about death.  It’s a strange reversal on the Victorian era where they took almost a delight in all the things that surrounded death, they observed mourning very visibly and even took pictures of deceased loved ones – known as momento mori – to keep.  But they were very uptight indeed about sex and (the urban legend goes) even covered up the legs of tables in order that the menfolk not get aroused.

We, on the other hand, talk about sex a lot.  We have highly sexualised advertising, magazines proclaim the latest way to excite your lover and we get hung up about issues of sexuality particularly in the church – as if God really cares what happens in our bedrooms.  But we don’t talk about death.... [Continued here]

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