Thursday, June 05, 2014

Continuing on a theme

Still getting through putting this MA Thesis online - did I say before it was submitted in the late 1990s? It passed, though not with flying colours, and I am the happy recipient of a MA in Pastoral Theology...

Disappointed by the inability of blogger to cope with Greek lettering which I was very proud of in the original!  Again, taster below, link to New Kid Deep Stuff Blog where the longer stuff I want to post lives...

The nature of power in Pastoral Ministry

Chapter 2
A New Testament Understanding

As the New Testament forms the basis of the understanding and beliefs from which today’s church operates, or at least claims to operate,  it provides us with a basis for examining the structures of power and of authority within which the present day Christian community works. [more]

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Bob MacDonald said...

I have no trouble with Unicode Greek or Hebrew or anything else in blogger - it should work fine. If you're stuck, there may be some work-arounds.