Saturday, May 10, 2008

A bit of this, a bit of that....

Not really had anything to say for the past few days, and not sure I do now!

I've not really been quite sure how to say how things are.... Over this past week or so I have felt very tired, knowing there is so much to do and yet not having the energy or time to do half of them. So it's been a bit of a restless week, and though I have done all that I needed to do, and looking back I've actually got quite a lot done, it hasn't felt very productive.

One of the difficulties of being in this kind of work, sorry 'ministry', is that there isn't really any end to stuff that needs to be done. People are always dying, wanting to be married, getting baptised, and being ill, services need to be planned and arranged, people get ill, some people want 'a visit from the Vicar' with no real agenda but just feel its a right that they get very disgruntled if they don't get to exercise!

I have problems keeping up with the demands, and sometimes I can just let them wash off me and get on with things that really need doing, other times I find myself almost paralysed by not knowing what to do next. Yes, I know all the arguments about time management, about prioritising, about working out the time/cost/needs/demands balances etc etc but there is a fair amount of what we do that is quite amorphous, and working out what is urgent but not important, or important but not urgent, or urgent and important, or not important nor urgent, can be a full time job in itself.

So every now and then (and it happens to have been this last week) I have a bit of a low week. Its not a depression, as such, nor is it necessarily to do with feeling stressed, its just a week where I know that there's lots to be done and I don't really feel I've got much of a handle on it.

Today is turning out to be better, I have got quite a lot done this morning and I am off to do some visits this afternoon, plans for our celebrations of Pentecost are all in hand and I actually got six and a half hours sleep last night! I think a lot of the feelings of lack of achievement, and even a sense of ennui or listlessness, are to do with not sleeping enough, or not sleeping very well...

Ok, it's off to the next thing, after lunch and an hour with the family.

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