Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ironies in preaching

Did a big sermon about moaning which is posted below, as you may wish to read it is all about people complaining, and not getting just how much God loves us, and that our attitude should be one of gratitude rather than moaning.

After the sermon my first comment was 'you started the service three minutes late and it went on too long...'


Year A Proper 20 (2008) RCL Principal

Moan Moan Moan

We are all very good at moaning. Lets be honest. There’s nothing most of us like better than a good moan. We might not naturally be inclined to moan, we may be quite happy with our lot, we might be the type of personal who is settled with what she or he has, but if we get the chance, nearly all of us like to really let rip at a good moaning session.

PCCs have a reputation for being such events. In your average stereotypical PCC meeting, the Vicar moans about wanting to change lots of things and not being able to, then the people moan that the Vicar wants to change everything and in the end very little happens. Then the Vicar and the PCC go home and moan about being on the PCC and wondering why it all happens, and I suspect the Lord groans too.

Not that this is the case in our PCCs here, actually I have to say, and I am being sincere, that most of our PCC meetings are productive and, though sometimes tiring and often containing what we might call ‘a full and frank airing of opinions’ we usually find we have much to be thankful for and over the past few years in these villages our PCCs have accomplished a huge amount, for which I am thankful. [more]


quilly said...

You know, sometimes it just feels good to complain. For the most part I am happy and satisfied with my lot in life. Good is good.

Remember Punny Monday is just a few hours away!

Melli said...

I thought I had commented to this post waaaaaay back when you posted it! I very much appreciated it... I wish everyone in the WORLD would hear it (and GET it) and even all the bloggers! (heeeeere I go...) I don't LIKE reading negative blogs! *MOAN*