Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're still here

Glad to see that the startup of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) hasn't reduced us all to our constituent molecules or otherwise ripped the fabric of time and space apart. It was quite fun listening to the radio this morning as the reporter sought to make the start up exciting!

There is a good, short reflection, on this event (or number of events, as that's what its for - to create a number of observable 'events') from a Bishop in Europe here - and a great rap too (not by the Bishop but embedded from YouTube). May it 'rock you in the head' - as it says in the rap... Or perhaps that should be 'rock thee, verily, in the head' to put it in religious language...


Dr.John said...

I think I could like that Bishop.

Nick said...

Actully the fun starts on October 21st.

They haven't started colliding protons yet... they are just starting sending them round the collider's ring.

I like the Russian theory. They think it's possible that the experiment could bring about the conditions necessary to open time travel permissible wormholes.

Western scientists were quick to point out that any such wormholes would be on the atomic level and not big enough to travel through.

However I think it would be rather cool to stick recording equipment in the area to pick up any radio transmissions... and I would be extremely suspicious if scientists around that area suddenly became overnight lottery winners shortly afterwards.