Friday, January 30, 2009

Deja Vu?

Eric, from eric has issues reminded me of the fact that I had done the five question meme, as set by him, some time ago - about two and a half years in fact. Apologies Eric for not remembering - but having trawled back through my blog I have been rather amazed by some of the things I have written over the past few years, though I shall leave them there for posterity, tempting as it may be to weed out some of the nonsense and overly honest posts of my recent past!

Am enjoying blogging! And twittering! Still have a few sermons to put up, but at present am about to take my son and the two dogs out for a wander over the road....



quilly said...

I love going back through my blog. Sometimes what I find amazes me (I wrote that!? Wow!); sometimes it embarrasses me (Why on earth did I share that!) but it almost always makes me laugh.

And repeating things every other year or so doesn't hut. If you don't remember having done it, most of your audience won't, either!

Nick said...

I feel very strongly about retaining past blog entries.

Only once have I sifted and "purged" my blog... when I came over from MSN Spaces to Blogger. Even then, I still left all the articles intact on the original page... which is still out there.

I fundamentally believe it is important to retain the different steps along our journey (even the silly or hurtful ones), simply because those who follow after us and stumble upon our musings(however random), may be touched or inspired. The funny, random and meaningless things... may snag the attention of someone just passing through, and lead them into a deeper place; the heavy, hard entries display our honesty and encourage people who have been in the same situations... that they may know that someone has suffered in a similar way to them, and yet been granted the grace/strength to come through their hardships - a message of hope.

So I never delete old stuff, I don't even moderate my comments unless they are spam or taking on the form of personal attacks.

Anyway those are my thoughts on blog retrospection.

Here's something I wrote in May 2007 about "online footprints".