Friday, January 30, 2009

Mobile blogging

I'm sitting in a cafe in the town I grew up in and having recently become a Twitterer(?) (twitificationalist? Twit?) I thought I would continue the theme and try to blog on my iPhone...I suspect that the relatively long winded nature of typing this in, despite being much quicker than other mobile devices, will make this an infrequent event.

For any following the saga of my poorly car on Twitted or Facebook, I have taken it to a Garage where they have run a diagnostic and may well have found a problem which has been around for a while! So honest are this garage that though I had said I expected them to change the air sensor (previous garages have done this in response to the issue) they said they wanted to try a much much cheaper fix first - hopefully bringing the cost down from about £220 to £30 - now that is service!

We'll see if that works, now it's time to finish my coffee and try and get a haircut.

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Nick said...

Garages are often a business where it's good to use someone who you know or trust... which is kinda hard for you, having relocated.

I blogged about this once. I have a friend who works at a Christian garage - they naturally have very high principles and strong wthics about the way they work. They are always understanding about the cost of bills, give a fair price and are very accommodating. However my friend has become very cynical about the faith because people from various churches seem to treat Christian businesses as discount clubs. It's always people from church who try and haggle them down... they try to use their common faith as leverage to get a better price.

I once blogged about it a long time ago.

As to the iPhone. I turned it down because you can't text groups of people simultaneously... which is a big no-no for me. Shame, as otherwise I'd really go for it.

I'm having problems updating via sms... my nok won't have it.

Am skiving today!