Wednesday, April 05, 2006

just when you thought it was safe to go back to the blogger...

Another hiatus - four months! For those who hang on my every word (cue hysterical laughter) this may have been a tough time! But, hey, no point apologising, things have been busy, and i have had a major dose of creativity fatigue

or is that just fatigue?

My days are spent doing the things i can only get done during the day, services, visiting, meetings, lots and lots of phone calls. My evenings are spent preparing for these things, plus trying to pray sometimes (this seems more rare the busier my minstry comes, certainly the inverse of what should happen), getting admin done, preparing services, sometimes (more rarely than i would like) reading, writing sermons, sometimes visiting the pub (in collar, most of the time) and with other meetings and some visits which can only be done when people aren't at work.

But there is always more to be done, more demands, and even complaints that i don't do enough...

Again, this isn't a complaint, just an observation, and a request for any comments people may have as to what i should do... I know this is opening myself up to all sorts of thoughts (unless everyone has given up on reading this blog as it is so patchy). I have tried saying no (but it seems to get me the reputation of someone who doesn't do anything), i am even pretty well organised - though my prioritising sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Just felt that i wanted to share this, even if it is to thin air. It's also a way of saying that i make no promises as to how often i will blog in the forseeable.

I do manage to fit family time in to all this, and about a movie a week. I also make sure that about seventy percent of my days off are actually spent without working. So its not all bad. The odd thing is, i still love this job and i love the people i am privileged enough to serve and to work with. I also know that mine is not an unusual story in the world of ministry, Clergy with one or two parishes work themselves into the ground. I don't feel I am on the edge of a burnout, yet, but I do seem to be very busy. My time management used to be much better than this, but i do feel the demands of my present situation have expanded and expanded (as have i, i don't get to the gym at all any more, and used to manage three times a week). It's odd, perhaps a symptom of getting older is that we don't fit in as much as we used to.-

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Annie Porthouse said...

hum. not really sure if i have any advice to offer. Usually what 'they' say is to cut out things you really don't have to do, and just do the essential... but i suspect in yr line of work there's a whole lotta stuff that can be classed as essential, and if you don't do it you'll have yr parishoners banging at yr door, threatening to unspeakable things to you if you don't do them! (and this is me trying to cheer you up and offer some support!). I reckon yr best bet is to delegate more... how old are yr kids now? surely they can take on some of the 'family business', if they really love you... in return for a Tweenies DVD or somesuch!