Sunday, December 24, 2006

In full swing

or at full pelt, or something like that...

Home communions for Christmas have taken up the day so far, then in an hour or so we have our 'crib service' in the local Church which is normally very popular. I need to get to see a few Churchwardens between that and the carol singing at 6pm, then a break in which i need to write a thought for our midnight services (the first of which is at 9.30pm, as i can't be in two places at once!) and when i get back at about 1am i will try to wrap my wife's prezzy (she has organised all the others) and put another thought together for Christmas day services...

So, after lunch on Christmas day, I will settle down for the Queen's speech and gently snore my way through the rest of the afternoon!

The only reason I am writing any of this is to say that no matter what how busy things get, or how many times i sing the carols or hear the story - I love Christmas! But more on that later! If this is the last time you read this blog for a day or two (or ever!) then Happy Christmas & God bless!

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