Friday, December 01, 2006

Tired and slightly hacked off

An opportunity to let my grumbly side out...

Had a very heavy day yesterday, with a really important pastoral event which saw me putting lots of time and a huge amount of energy into a situation which has been going on for a couple of weeks now. It was worth the energy, but left me yesterday feeling very drained - tired out physically, emotionally and spiritually too.

I then called someone to talk about one of our Children's services on Sunday, a Christingle, and cheerily said 'i've got everything sorted, collected the collection boxes for charity from the local school, sorted out music & service sheets' and then asked 'do you have any idea who I could ask to do a short reading - i've got the main reader sorted out, but thought a child or two might want to read a short prayer' i was then moaned at for not having done this two weeks ago (co-incidentally when the pastoral event began, as the speaker knew) and despite my protestations that i didn't have the materials or the time to do it two weeks ago i was left with the definite feeling that i was considered to be in the wrong at that this person was seriously displeased. I did say that i didn't expect her to go and ask anyone, and that i would go and do some visiting to trawl for volunteers if she gave me a couple of guidelines, but got no response to that, only complaint.

This is the only service this person does all year, i have spent weeks running around trying to put things together on top of having to deal with various pastoral needs in six villages, and i get complained at...

Sometimes you feel like giving in.

End of moan. Be happy folks!


Robert said...


I hope you get a good's nice rest, some time with your family, whatever you need to help make things better. Sometimes people are a bit abrasive simply because they don't feel good, they're having a bad day or just don't want to do something you've asked them to do (that's usually the case, it's a defensive things, I get ugly or bent out of shape and you'll just do it yourself to avoid the my grumpiness).

When people get testy with me I tell them, "I screwed up, I need your help but without being chastised, beat up or told I'm lower than the lowest." Sometimes you just have to say I need your help, not your criticism.

I do hope you feel better.
I enjoy the blog.
God Bless+,


Marion said...

Alastair, you do so much for your community, I'm not surprised you feel grumbly at times. I am amazed at all you do!

jeff said...

This is the point where an annoying brother in Christ would say something like, "Count it all joy, brother!"


Count it all joy, brother!

Jem said...

You're not God, you're the vicar.