Thursday, March 05, 2009

Been Thinking

The title of this post is quite a lot to do with what's been going on since I last posted! I've not really been up to ambling around the blogsphere, mainly because I have not had much time when I've not been occupied and when I have had time I have taken it to think, chill, pray, read and be with family. Not a bad use of my spare minutes! But blogging and most other things online have been rather neglected.

Over the past few weeks I have been finding the same question come up again - why do we do this? By which I mean "why do we do x or y in the church?", "why are things the way they are?", particularly with regards to structures and traditions within the church. As part of this I have been putting together some articles for the Parish Mag (called the Parishes Paper, which goes out to the Five Alive Mission Community villages), the first of which can be found here, I have also found myself in various situations discussing the reasons we do things in a certain way in our Churches.

At the root of it, though, I have particularly been asking this question as I have been preparing a series of talks on the Creed, called simple "I Believe". It's a series of Lent talks ending with Compline (a lovely, short, meditative service of Night Prayer) which begins this evening. My first question is really 'why do we have a Creed', and though I've not answered it to my own satisfaction, I've started the exploration in this evening's talk. I won't publish it at New Kid Deep Stuff yet, or a few folk who I know read this blog every now and then might take the opportunity to read online and not come out tonight! Hopefully all of our snow will have melted by this evening and travel will be easier....

I guess all this reflection and thinking and stuff is all inspired by the impending celebrations of my fortieth birthday this weekend! We're off to the local pub for a joint party with a new buddy from this village, so anyone near Kilmington on Saturday that fancies coming to the Old Inn, pop in for a pint and get ready for a dance!

Will post my talk later tonight or tomorrow.

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Melli said...

I actually have a twitter -- I never use it. Obviously I don't think to microblog... I don't really care for the idea of being followed around all day! LOL! Much better to just report once on the highlights!

Is the Creed to which you reference the Apostle's Creed? Or the Nicene Creed? Or both? Or a different Creed that I don't know? Just wondering...

So you turned 40!!! And I missed it! Darn. A very VERY Happy Belated wish to you! I sure do wish I was 40 again... *sigh*