Sunday, March 15, 2009

This week's sermon

This week's sermon - and yes, some of you will have read some of this before as it is a rewrite from a few years back! No point in letting my old jokes go to waste...

Lent 3 (2009) Year B RCL Principal
Angry Christians

I have an excuse this morning to tell my favourite nun joke, the excuse being the readings for today, I hope you will make the connection, otherwise this is just a blatant excuse to tell a joke at the start of the sermon….
Two nuns are driving through Transylvania when a vampire jumps on the car. The nun whose driving turns to her companion and says ‘what do I do?’ the second nun says ‘show him your cross, sister’ [more]


Anonymous said...

no blaspheme intended, but since there are so many "Johns" in the new testament, my kids and I have decided to rename the "Book of John" to the "Book of Todd"

as in:
Matthew, Mark, Luke, Todd,Acts, Romans, Corr...and so on

What do you think?

Alastair said...

Is it Todd the disciple, Todd of Patmos or Todd the Epistle writer you really have a problem with?