Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy - not stressed!

Looking back over various posts, twitters, fb updates and all the integrated social media stuff I do I am slightly concerned that I give the impression that I am over-busy.... Yes, I am busy, and keen to let people know what ministers do, and that we have plenty that keeps us occupied, but I realise that I am implying by my postings that I am stressed out and overworked. I'm not.

I have days where I work ridiculous hours, I admit, when from getting up in the morning to getting to bed late I seem to be doing stuff for Church. But I also have days where I spend a lot of time at home, I get to do some reading, be with my wife and family, get a bit of admin done (a chore but not too painful) and have the evening at home in front of the telly, or whatever. I try to get some balance in my life, and I am enjoying the place I am and the ministry i have the privilege to exercise a huge amount.

There are also some significantly rewarding parts to the role which I perform, people who make my days brighter, situations which allow me to use those gifts I have and make the most of those talents I possess. (That last sentence was very difficult to write without saying 'such as they are' or being overly self-deprecating, a sign either of anglo saxon false humility or buying into the Church culture which says we are all worthless - so I put it in without those things but added this in parenthesis just in case you thought I was being big headed, another typically Brit fear!)

If I am honest, there are times when I need to slow down, and I do need to work on my management of time, but on the whole most things get done that need to, not all (mainly due to me not writing things down and trying to remember too much) but most.

I feel very privileged to be doing what I am doing, I enjoy it most of the time and I thank God for the gift of being able to be in ministry, and particularly in ministry in this place.

Just in case you were wondering.


Sank said...

Contentment is a great blessing, believe me I know.

quilly said...

I am wondering why I can't be your administrative assistant. Of course, the daily commute would be a bit of a problem.

Melli said...

I think it is quite evident that you ENJOY your job - and your life! And that is just what God intended - that you live it and breathe it and make others want it! And that's what you do!