Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can barely restrain myself....

So, here goes again, a small flurry of blog posts... thoughts for the week continue

In our group of parishes our Lent course has been talking about how in the Gospel stories everyone who meets Jesus goes away changed in some way. For some the challenge of giving up their comforts to follow Jesus is too much, others find healing and forgiveness – even those who nailed him to a cross. Meeting Jesus changed people, and still should. But alongside the change that being a Christian should bring there is also reassurance that, as an old prayer says, amongst ‘the changes and chances of this mortal life’ God’s love remains changeless. The question to ask ourselves is, then, “when changes come (as they always do) to what do we cling, to whom do we turn, to give us security”? Faith doesn’t protect us from the changes or troubles of this world, but if we allow God to, he will give us strength to get through them.

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quilly said...

I just finished reading a novel where a young lady raised in the church had no use for God until she figured out that through the tremendous highs and lows of a really bad patch in her life, God was the only reliable constant. That book reminded me much of my own life.

Melli said...

I just finished reading 12 Ordinary Men, where the author points out that Judas Iscariot was probably the only person EVER to come face to face with Jesus and NOT be changed by Him. ... but Jesus knew that when He chose him.