Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ha Ha Ha

Love this video - and I say this as one very at home in the culture it parodies!

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

I Like being an Anglican too, a very different way of expressing worship open to a whole raft of parodies too, ... though there is a long and very funny history of that, the Vicar of Dibley, for instance, or Alan Bennet's excellent Beyond the Fringe 'Take a Pew' skit...

John Betjeman had lots of things to say about Church culture, often gently satirising, such as 'Diary of a Church Mouse' or this one:

Blame the Vicar

When things go wrong it's rather tame
To find we are ourselves to blame,
It gets the trouble over quicker
To go and blame things on the Vicar.
The Vicar, after all, is paid
To keep us bright and undismayed.
The Vicar is more virtuous too
Than lay folks such as me and you.
He never swears, he never drinks,
He never should say what he thinks.
His collar is the wrong way round,
And that is why he's simply bound
To be the sort of person who
Has nothing very much to do
But take the blame for what goes wrong
And sing in tune at Evensong.
For what's a Vicar really for
Except to cheer us up? What's more,
He shouldn't ever, ever tell
If there is such a place as Hell,
For if there is it's certain he
Will go to it as well as we.
The Vicar should be all pretence
And never, never give offence.
To preach on Sunday is his task
And lend his mower when we ask
And organize our village fĂȘtes
And sing at Christmas with the waits
And in his car to give us lifts
And when we quarrel, heal the rifts.
To keep his family alive
He should industriously strive
In that enormous house he gets,
And he should always pay his debts,
For he has quite six pounds a week,
And when we're rude he should be meek
And always turn the other cheek.
He should be neat and nicely dressed
With polished shoes and trousers pressed,
For we look up to him as higher
Than anyone, except the Squire.
John Betjeman

It seems these parodies are much more about 'Anglican Culture' (if that's not an Oxymoron!) rather than worship specifically - perhaps because the 'culture' of the Church of England has been woven in to the life of English society for so many years. I would be interested if anyone has got a humourous link to an Anglican worship parody of some kind!


quilly said...

Videos to the left of me and video to the right
And here I am, stuck without a speaker again!

Alastair said...

old pair of headphones into the jack at the front of your PC should do the trick, Quilly :-)

Melli said...

ROFL! I couldn't (honestly) understand the Take a Pew skit... sadly - the English was just a TAD tooooo English for me! But the Praise Service! LOL! And the poem too! Those were great!

fragmentz said...

haha, just seen the video of 'sunday morning'

brilliant :)