Sunday, December 09, 2012

Too Busy to Blog?

Actually, not too busy - that would be somewhat dishonest - but finding it hard to make time to write in the way I used to.  I do still write a thought for the week which I really should get back into that habit of posting, and I do write a sermon each week - but the times of sitting down at my PC for a good block and reflecting have been few and far between.

A Wordle of New Kid in its heyday :-)
I have, as many will know, been 'grabbed' but the immediacy of micro-bloggging, or as we used to call it "conversation", on Twitter (and to a lesser extent Facebook, but there is a different dynamic there).  So I am more than happy to have interaction, discussion, disagreement, as @revdal.... With such sporadic blogging here over the past couple of years I also value the feedback that comes from Twitter which rarely happens here.

I have also had more times of sitting quietly and opening myself up to silence, and in the silence the presence of God.  This is not always comfortable, and in some ways opens the path to a more critical self-analysis and reflection than throwing lots of thoughts out there and seeing what sticks.  Besides, as mentioned above, with the on/off nature of posting here I have been less likely to get a response - and the response does help with forming, critiquing and reforming my thought processes!

But that said I do like the idea of returning to blogging, and with my new appointment, who knows?  More in my next post.....

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