Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hello everyone

After such a bold, and rather negative, heading at the start of my last post, i thought i should replace it with a nice cheery greeting (see above for details).

It is three in the afternoon here in blighty and i am certainly back at work! The morning was spent in a meeting with colleagues trying to sort out exactly what needs to be done over the next week or so, until our next meeting when we do the same thing... At least, as I've mentioned before, i have great colleagues who are all very humourous...

Favourite joke of the morning is 'why are churches like helicopters - because people keep away in case they get sucked into the rotors' (rotas, geddit) What made it even more amusing was that in a fit of not being connected to reality I said 'because people keep away in case they get sucked in to the the blades....' that did cause great amusement amongst my workmates.

Since the meeting ended i seem to have been on the phone or sending/receiving emails constantly. I now have another funeral, and bereavement visits, to sort out. I've managed to get the marriages for this summer sorted, at least the ones i am responsible for, i've sorted out graveyard queries (there are lots of regulations governing English graveyards), I've called the Bishop's office, written some notes, checked some letters which need sending out.

Now i need to have a cup of tea, followed by getting out for a couple of visits.

May well say something else later...

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Dr.John said...

What is a rotas? A good cup of tea gets one ready for anything.