Saturday, April 28, 2007

A lesson here somewhere?

It is interesting to note (well, it's interesting to me to note and as I am doing the noting that means it is interesting per se) that the most comments I have received for a post recently came in the post where I posted how little time I had to post and how little I had to say!

Thank you to the gracious bloggers who said not to worry about posting. And to Jennyhaha for the nomination for a thinking blogger award - I may well do the same thing again when i get around to having time to link to five more bloggers!

Thanks too to Quilly for the comments on this morning's post - I did notice the typo but decided to ignore it and not edit the post in the hope that some clever person would think of something to say about Easter Europe! Quilly gets the unofficial award for smartest blogger on a Saturday Morning, a round of applause everyone, please!

1 comment:

quilly said...

:bowing: Thank you. Thank you. Please, no applause. Just throw money.