Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lack of devotion

sorry, that should read Lack of Devotions

It is Holy Week, in case anyone was in any doubt about that, and it is the time of year when deep thoughts should be thunk and spiritual things should be dwelled upon, but I've not got time to think about that as my HW observances mean that I'm taking a service every night alongside the usual meetings and visits which I am trying to keep up. Oh, and a funeral which i finished a couple of hours ago (hence previous thoughts).

It's all going well, but there hasn't been the time for meditation and stillness such as we encourage our congregations to indulge in over this time. The service last night (a Holy Communion with prayers for Penitence) was moving and powerful, tonight's Holy Communion with prayers for healing is always a valuable and thoughtful service, so I am feeling spiritually well nourished, but as for quiet and devotional time that's lacking a bit, so if you want some deep thoughts for Holy Week you'll have to go elsewhere, I'm afraid. If I have a mo I will seek out some links...

Have a blessed week!


Dr.John said...

Deep thoughts aren't all theya re ctacked up to be . Some times a moment with Holy Communion is better.

quilly said...

What Dr. John said -- besides, the emphasis should be on thankfulness and our own service, should it not? You are definately serving!