Monday, January 07, 2008

Thanks Bill

Greatly cheered in the midst of what has turned out to be quite a tough weekend by this from Bill over at the Old Fart's Blog

In return I will nominate a few from my own sidebar as well as saying that the Old Fart is well worth a visit!

Blogs that inspire me, in no particular order

Nick's Sanctuary
Dr John
Dylan's Lectionary Blog
Dave Walker
Jeff Weddle
Nick Page

All of them are fun, rooted in the real world and full of things which really do make me think. There are lots of other blogs I visit and enjoy too, but these particularly have the effect of inspiring me! Most of them are also big on humour, I guess for me spirituality and humour are interlinked...

I should say, I might not always agree with the thoughts or opinions of the above, but they all make me think, and challenge my thinking on a regular basis!

If any of them visit here then I think the deal is that you are allowed to use the little picture on your own blog! I just copied it to my hard drive and posted it to blogger... So if you want to...


quilly said...

Thanks, Alastair. I am honored. Bill also gifted me with this award. At that time I said to O'Ceallaigh, "I'm just silly, why me?" And he looked at me like I'm nuts. Then he said he wasn't going to explain it to me because if I knew I'd probably lose it. Huh?

jeff said...

Thanks Lastair, you the man! My wife will laugh that someone thinks I'm inspiring!

jeff said...

Lastair? When did you change your name?

Alastair said...

thanks Quilly, there's always lots to your posts but best not ask too many questions why, eh?

Ejff, cheers :-)

The Old Fart said...

You are more than welcome Alastair, you have a truly wonderful blog, so full of inspiration.

Oh, I promise the next James Bond Quiz on Facebook won't be as hard. Did you try my From Russia With Love quiz?


Dr.John said...

Thanks for including me oon that list but I won't put the logo on my blog. I don't think of it as inspiring. Now if you come up with a symbol for funny blog or weird blog then I might be in the running.

Nick said...

Thanks Alastair.

tis truly an honour and the feeling is reciprocated!

Laters Clergyman... somewhere a citizen is in peril! ;-)