Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Being a Disciple....

Sunday's talk for our Evening Worship....

Team Evening Worship
3rd Feb 2008
Exodus 13.17-14.end

Discipleship: To be a Pilgrim

I can remember a day my life changed – after a few hours of delay (something for which my wife is still struggling to find complete forgiveness) I found myself driving at a slightly faster speed than I am used to up the road past Wood Green to Hinchinbrooke Hospital, where I rushed through the corridors with a very pregnant, very ‘in labour’ wife and voila – well, not really ‘voila’ there was a fair amount of pushing, breathing, pushing and even some shouting involved – just under an hour later (yes, I had left it a bit late) a little person appeared who (along with her brother) has never let life be the same again. [more]

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Tom said...


It's been awhile since I've posted in my blog or read anyone elses, as I guess you might have noticed. This whole being engaged thing takes a bit more time than I thought it would (I'm engaged by the way).

That said, I was wondering if you could read my newest post and give your opinion. It's an issue I was hesitent to post about, and I would like the thoughts of a man of the cloth (I'm asking for Jeff's opinion as well) on the subject.

Hopefully after things settle down I'll be able to start writing and reading regularly. We'll see.

God bless,