Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you notice...

...that I've not mentioned the Archbishop of Canterbury and the recent ridiculous furore over the speech that he gave to the law society as part of a series entitled 'Islam and the Law' for which he has been criticised for talking about 'Sharia law'?

Just thought I'd mention it.

Now I wonder if I should file this under 'stupid people who don't know what they are talking about'? Or whether that might sound a bit judgemental....?


Tom said...

I don't know anything about the Archbishop, but I do know that Archbishops should have superpowers. Good titles warrant superpowers.

On a different note, thanks for the comment on my post. I appreciate the thought you put into it, and I don't think you waffled too much (which you accused yourself of).

Nick said...

I've also left the topic alone... and am merely soaking up the reaction from various news sources. Many people have accused him of being liberal... but it's been suggested by some of the more intelectual media that he's actually acting out of conservatism - foreseeing times ahead when the Church is going to find it's doctrines challenged by state law... and trying to carve out some room for exceptions to the rule... citing Islam as an example.

I wasn't there so I can't truly comment (amazing how so many who weren't, feel fit to do so).

I do know people who are involved in missionary work out in Islamic countries... and one of them is so concerned about potential repercussions of that work, that they have stopped blogging (in order to protect the identity of people they care about).

I think I'm inclined to agree with the Archbishop's own self-assessment... that his wording may have been clumsy... (by invoking the words Sharia Law, it invites speculation on a wide spectrum of criteria from country to country... and understandably people who have suffered at the hands of the harshest Shariah regimes are going to feel really kicked in the teeth... but it's not them who have got angry about it interestingly). Lest we forget though, the archbishop is only human eh?.

It must be one of the hardest jobs in the world - being the highest ranking priest in a state religion... it's often a highwire act dance between church and state opinion... and you are always going to upset people - tough break.

Interestingly, students who met with Rowan Williams to engage him in fierce debate during a recent radio interview... actually found themselves charmed by his genuine warmth and compassion for them all as individuals.

My greatest concern has been revealed not in what Rowan Williams said... but rather because of what followed it.

People talk of the radicalization and polarization of Islam... but it seems obvious that there is a counter radicalization going on... in the Church. It is not being led by faith though... I think people with political agendas are coming in and using people's fear to deceive them. I think we have more to worry from them, than we do from anything the archbishop has said.

Maybe I'm way off base with all this.. by all means feel free to tell me as much. A lot of this is thinking out loud.

Hope the cumbersome stuff at church is waning off.

God bless


Dr.John said...

NO I hadn't even noticed that you said nothing. But then I hadn't heard anything about the problem until you said nothing.