Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Sermon for the Start of Lent

Here, only a few days late, is the sermon I preached at my early service on Sunday

Lent 1 (2008) Year A RCL Principal

Short Cuts

The great thing about living somewhere for any length of time is that you get to know the area, and you find your way around it in such a way that you learn all the short cuts. Having lived in London on and off for twelve or so years I used to be quite adept at find the back routes to places which avoided the traffic – or at least, may have taken us a little out of the way, but meant we did not have to sit behind a row of cars for ages.

I am just getting to the stage now where I am getting the hang of where to go and when during the day to avoid traffic. Though I have to say that riding the motorbike has made me lazy, as I rarely find myself stuck behind anything when I can nip around the side. [more]

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