Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blog talkers for this week

I was right - this week's blogtalkers gives lots to talk about...
What is one item that you own that has minimal monetary value, but has such sentimental value that you wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money?
This is my opportunity to say that we don't have a lot of stuff worth much! But we have lots of little things which are priceless. Our photos are - and having recently signed up to facebook it's been great to see some of the stuff that friends have put up, going years back - a real nostalgia fest.

Without wishing to seem too holy, something I really value is the Bible I got at my ordination to priesthood. I've got about fifteen translations of the bible, and I have other bibles in the same (NRSV) translation, but i like the fact that it's a normal, not a presentation leather or gilded edge or red letter, bible. It does have the coat of arms for the Diocese of London (where I served for the first four years of my ordained ministry) on the back, but other than that it's just the same kind of hardback bible that could be picked up in any bookshop.

Apart from the fact that the Revised Standard Version (RSV) and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) are very good translations of the original greek and hebrew manuscripts, and read well - in the sense they are good for reading both for personal study and 'out loud' - I like this Bible as a symbol of ministry. In many ways its not 'special' - that's not a reflection on the truth I believe to be in the Bible, but about this particular book. It's an ordinary book, with a symbol on the back. But within it are truth and faith and hope and love. I would hope that is the case with those who serve the Church in ministry - nothing out of the ordinary, but within there is (as St Paul says) 'treasure in earthen vessels' (any though I might not wear a coat of arms around the place, my clerical collar (or dog collar as most people call it) is a pretty obvious symbol of my ministry).

I love to read the Bible, not always an easy read, and needs thought, prayer and openness to faith to get to grips with it. If a fire were to burn down my house then this particular Bible would be the one I would grab (once I'd made sure the family were all out, of course). There are plenty of others I could grab, but that is the one which i would like.

There's my thoughts on that, there are lots of other things I could have mentioned, but as I often cheat on the blogtalkers thing and don't answer the question as asked much of the time I will not mention the guitar, or particular cds, or books, or pictures, little 'knick knacks', items of clothing, prayer stool or the other gazillion things that all mean something! At least i won't say anything beyond that passing reference, anyway...

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