Thursday, July 05, 2007

The danger of blogging

I have noticed recently, and it was mentioned by Brian to me a few weeks back (not on his blog, as that seems to have conked out) that as I go about my daily life I find myself thinking 'this is how I would say this in my blog page'. I do it without thinking consciously about it, but though I don't blog about everything that happens much of what I do is framed mentally in terms of what I would say about it if I were to post it. Perhaps this is why I've not been blogging as much lately, my brain is saying 'this is way too insidious'!

Anyway, this came to mind particularly as I was reading the book by Richard Dawkins 'The God delusion' - as i read it I was thinking 'how would I review this for my blog'. Perhaps feeling that there is no other way to respond to it - the book is clear, concise, well written, engaging, thought provoking, and yet there is a feeling that Dawkins throws out meaningless and uninformed statements about Religion which have very little to do with Faith. It's like seeing someone speaking who is obviously intelligent and well informed but somehow doesn't really get to grips with the true substance of a subject, but happily continues anyway with no one able to interrupt.

I like the book, and I like the way Dawkins introduces it, often accused of intellectual arrogance having read about the third of it yesterday I find he is simply someone completely and utterly convinced beyond all doubt of the truth of his claims, that science has disproved God - or more accurately, if I have got the sense of what I have read so far, that the balance of probability is overwhelmingly that there is no such being as God - that any other conclusion is inadequate and foolish. I disagree, of course, but don't mind him saying it, and am happy to talk about the issues he raises. But then, he would probably describe me in the same way he refers to Anglican Clergy in the early part of the God delusion, as nice but not really effective or ultimately useful in any way at all!

I do think it is a book worth reading, and as I have to wait in until the courier arrives with a new PC monitor (to replace the one that conked out a couple of days ago, forgot to blog about that one - I'm using a borrowed screen at the moment) i will read some more, then I will have to make sure I get a copy of 'the Dawkins Delusion' by the excellent theologian Alister McGrath (though this particular book hasn't had very good reviews, at least not the ones I've read).

And whilst I am doing all this, I shall be thinking of how I put all the stuff that bounces around my head onto my blog.


moog said...

Hi Alastair

I came across this review:

Not read it all, it's quite lengthy, but it put me off reading the God Delusion.

However I may give it a browse after your comments. Though I guess i'll find it frustrating - science text for lay people never has enough formulas for me!

Dr.John said...

There is an arrogance among atheists who truly believe they are right that is only equaled by the true believers in some form of God. It often takes the form of I dare you to prove I'm wrong but I will decide what constitutes proof.