Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This week's sermon

Meant to post this on Sunday, sorry for the delay. As always here is the opening of the sermon (though preached rather differently on Sunday) and you can read the rest, should you wish, on my deep stuff page by following the [more] link

Year C Proper 9 (2007) RCL Principal
The hard road

A favourite word in our household is ‘faffing’. Whenever Jo or I are in a flap or wandering about looking lost we normally ask each other ‘what are you faffing about?’ or when we are in a hurry to get anywhere (not an uncommon situation) and one of us seems to be distracted then the normal attempt to speed things up is to say ‘stop faffing around’. There is a fair amount of faffing goes on in the McCollum household, and in the past couple of years I have discovered how much children can add to it – not just because of all the things we have to do for them before we go anywhere, but because they are discovering lots of ways of faffing themselves!

For those of you who don’t use this wonderful phrase, faffing is generally messing around, being distracted, not having a focus, and not getting done what needs to be done and generally messing around.

There’s not much sign of that in today’s readings. [more]

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Dizzy Dee said...

Hahaha, I thought it was just us who used "faffing" :D
I can especially faf when I'm suppose to be in a hurry :P