Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good advice?

Both Quilly and Eric have offered me the same advice regarding my blogger layout issues - move to WordPress....

Now I have a bit of a quandry. I like both of their blogs, obviously because of the content but also because of the layout and the feel of their blogs, likewise Sank has started a wordpress blog and left Blogger behind, and again along with his great content has an improved feel to it.

But I find change hard! Well, I do in things like this. I've had the same email address for ten years and have stuck with it despite changing providers, i still have my fracme.net address for a webpage I took down three years ago (I never managed to get around to updating the page) and pay the fees to keep the domain name 'just in case'. The idea of changing my blog address is the bit that puts me off - partly because I have a bunch of free address cards and even a couple of freebie t-shirts (thanks to Vistaprint for that) with the old address of fracme.blogspot.com. Hmmm, what should I do?

I wonder whether I should use the fracme.net domain for a general webpage with a blog on it? That might involve a steep learning curve which at present I'm not sure I have the mental capacity to embrace! I think I can set up some kind of forward from there to here without changing the blog address, I think!

Should I go to wordpress and just put a forwarding link here? I have to say that if I go to an out of date blog page, unless I am determined to read the blogger's content I tend not to bother moving on.

Should I stick here, send an email off to Blogger support and see if there is a work around? I've never actually had a response to my emails to blogger when I've contacted them before, and perhaps it will make no difference and will involve even more work!

Its ironic, in some ways, that change and movement are so much a part of my everyday life and my approach to church - that change is often a good thing in our fellowships! Yet at the same time in the most dynamic and fast moving sphere, ie the internet, I am more stuck in my ways.

This will be reverberating around my head for some time to come, if anyone wants to try and influence this decision by explaining why moving or staying are the best options or offer creative alternatives then I promise I will be receptive to ideas, though I may end up overwhelmed by intertia :-)


Anonymous said...

Come over to our side....we've got candy.

Anonymous said...

When I moved, my regular readers moved with me without a hitch.

I left my old blog up with a forward to this place. For the first year and even now occasionally, someone follows.

WordPress has AWESOME "extras" features (that's how I know people still click through from my old blog) and when you write them with a problem they answer within 24 hours! Oh! AND they help you fix the problem or explain why they can't.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but we're all here to help you!

Naomi said...

It's funny because I've been tossing up moving to Wordpress Alastair. It's just the time factor of moving everything across and also not sure how it would affect the Technorati rating. Like you I don't really like the idea of change.