Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here we are again

Another week over, and the start of the new week tomorrow sees a day of worship and sharing with three different congregations. I don't like Saturdays, as it usually involves a last minute scrabble to get everything done - with between two and four services to prepare for, often with very different liturgies, different ages, different congregations, i can find myself putting together lots of alternatives in terms of talks/sermons, music and prayers. Some weeks I dread the Saturday push, when i have my act together, of course, I don't need to worry about that as I have got most bits planned and things are ready to go by this point.

Actually, things are ready to go now - I had to spend lots of time putting various things together today, but as I am going out with lovely wife to have supper with friends I had to get my act together and have my sermon and other bits and bobs including the full text of an All Age service and 50 booklets for it printed! So no need for a last minute panic now!

I must say, though, that no matter how Saturday has been, i never dread Sunday. Even if when I look at the rota everything looks as 'bog standard' as it could ever be, or I know that its one of those strange weeks when I will be rushing from place to place - I know that the worship, the people I spend the day with, the fellowship and the sharing of time, bread and wine, faith, hope and love will all be worth any effort I have put into it.

So I am off out for the evening, will try to post tomorrow!

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quilly said...

I am speaking to the women's group tomorrow! I am presenting Sidewalk Sunday School. It would be wonderful to be able to have such a ministry here!