Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back at last

Well, we're here, beautiful, often sunny, friendly, Devon. It was a surprisingly easy move, not least due to the excellent removals firm we had (Pooleys of Suffolk) and the exceptional welcome we have received on arrival.

We have, though, been offline and off the phone for over a month, and I have started to get the jitters. I have missed being able to blog, or even to be able to ring around with change of address details for credit cards etc etc. It has been driving me crackers.

Not that I have had much time to sit down at the computer and blog anyway, the initial rush of events, services, meeting people, meetings, pub visits etc etc has been overwhelming, and its only now that I can sit down and get to grips with some admin, and take some time out to blog. Not that I'm going to say much today, as I have to get on with putting together Advent and Christmas services. For now I just want to say 'it's good to be back' both in terms of online and being here in Devon, land of my birth, home of my forebears etc etc etc

The adventure continues....


Melli said...

Welcome back Alastair! It's GOOD to see you too!

quilly said...

I am so glad you are well! I was just thinking of you yesterday -- as in, "Where is Alastair?!"

And, while Melli was helloing you up above, I wonder why she didn't tell you that we are doing an online Bible Study?

Also -- I have moved! Look for me at

The Old Fart said...

Welcome Alastair, I missed not reading your posts