Friday, December 05, 2008

So, what's been going on...

I must admit to a fair amount of heartache on moving away from Bourn a few weeks back. To see the house that had been our home for the past four years empty and set off to a place which the family didn't know was quite a daunting experience. After the frustration of our ISP shutting down my account a day early (and then completely cancelling it rather than transferring as requested so it ended up taking six weeks to get back online and to have our phone service up and working - as both are tied in together) I was annoyed at not being able to send out changes of address to my online contacts or to tie up the last few ends I planned to.

Our moving weekend was split - packed on the Thursday and Friday, then we stayed with the lovely wife's sister for a couple of nights and went to a friend's wedding which was a great way to distract us from all that was going on. The wedding was a great day, with a Priest who looked like Father Jack from Father Ted! Then a reception at an amazing venue in North London with incredible views and lots of laughs! My buddy Herr Doktor Tom (one of my longest standing and most loyal friends, also one with a fantastic sense of humour, huge brain and good taste in music) and his wife Dr Claire had a slightly alternative reception, without all the usual long speeches, but those they did have were well worth listening to, all the music was live, with some great performers including the talented and very cool Steve Lawson, then a surprise guest, Jason Rebello, Jazz Pianist extraordianaire! Once I had picked my jaw off the floor (last time I saw Rebello was with his band at the Pizza Express Soho, a great jazz venue) we were all treated to some wonderful piano jazz, including an improvisation on the theme of Thomas the Tank Engine for the benefit of my Son Jack who stood enraptured by the workings of the inside of the grand piano Jason was playing.

A great wedding, a great diversion, another night at the gorgeous wife's sister's house (I got to sleep on the sofa as the spare room was full of my wife and children) then we set off down here to Devon where we went to stay at my Mother's house for a night before meeting the removal chaps at our new place.

Again we were all struck (well, the grown ups were, the children were just bored to start with as there was no TV, toys or books available) by the beauty of the area. If I can sort out exactly how to extract some piccies from my iPhone I may well add them to these pages - they may not be brilliant, but there's a few atmospheric photos in there which (for me) give an impression of why I love this area. There's a few in a previous post about moving which you can find here.

Apart from the stunning nature of the locality (It is designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and joins onto the 'Jurassic Coast' which is a 'World Heritage Site' so there is a fair amount of wow factor here.) there is so much going on in these parishes that I have problems keeping up with it all. There's a high level of commitment to community, to churches and to each other in these villages which I am doing my best to plug into and generally to enjoy. I'm not going to go on about work at the moment because its my day off and I am trying not to think about that too much :-)

More another time.... Am about to investigate iPhone photo importing....


quilly said...

Well, you are certainly making up for not posting! I am glad you are filling in the missing bits.

I hope all of your friends have found you've come back. Have you been by Dr. John's yet?

Steve Lawson said...

Was lovely to see you at the wedding. Very glad you enjoyed my musical contribution :)