Thursday, December 04, 2008

Never believe what you read in the papers

I managed to get a whole page in the local rag, which you can view here (28mb and only available until 9th December) or I will try to get the relevant page uploaded here, so if you can see it below then it's worked!

I don't have tattoo's and piercings, though! Bit of an exaggeration, I have one tattoo on my bicep (done when I had biceps) and a pierced ear!

Other than that they did report most of what I said pretty fairly....spelt my name wrong, or rather both names (Christian and Surname), but I think that's compulsory - something to do with tradition, or an old charter, or something... Oh, and the picture is dreadful - probably because it actually looks like me :-)


quilly said...

Well, Rev. McC, obviously the reporter liked you! Wow! What a write up. Folks who've never been to church will be flocking to your services -- I hope after their curiosity is satisfied some even stay.

As to your photo -- you have a lovely smile. What is to be ashamed of, except -- sit up straight!

Dr.John said...

When I went to my first parish I got a half page write up . But for the next year they still listed the former Pastor as the Pastor of the Parish in the Church section.
My write up was not nearly as interesting as yours.

Melli said...

I think it's a very friendly picture and warms people to you right away! Then the article continues that warming -- and I believe you are going to be one great TREASURE to these parishoners! ALL of them! :)

The Old Fart said...

Alastair, ~ wonderful story thank you for sharing. Oh as for slouching, you are allowed, don't listen to Quilly.