Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tired but happy

It's continued busy, but it's going well, the feedback from the events & services we have put on in the Mission Community has been very good, and people seem to be enjoying our Christmas celebrations in these Parishes. Tomorrow sees three more carol services led by myself, one of which is shared with our Methodist friends in Dalwood (there are two other services in the Mission Community, presided over by other Clergy), then next week sees four services I am taking (with two I'm not taking as well) on Christmas Eve (one Crib service, three communions for Christmas) and two on Christmas Day I am leading (three being ably handled by other ministers). We do Christmas big time in these Churches, but then that's how we always did it in PapworthTeam as well, so its not a surprise.

Yesterday was a good day too - I had Christmas lunch at the local primary school, then a very well supported and enjoyable carol service at Stockland in the evening, followed by a fun evening of carols, some very funny party pieces and generally very uproarious entertainment in Dalwood's pub, the Tucker's arms. Actually if I can insert an ad break here, not that I am sponsored in any way by these organisations (honest) - the local pubs around here are exceptional, there is a warm welcome, good food, good service and (v important in my opinion) good beer. Kilmington has the Old Inn and (perhaps unsurprisingly) the New Inn, Stockland the King's Arms and Dalwood, as mentioned, the Tucker's Arms. Local pubs like these are crucial to the heart of their village communities and worth supporting for that reason alone, though having said that, they are all good pubs!

So yesterday was a good day, but as it meant that my day off was pretty busy, I am taking some time today. Just off now for a couple of hours to see my sister, who is popping in to see my mother, so a short drive down the road, some lunch and back to work!

I will post my sermon from yesterday's carol service later. See you...


Melli said...

It is SO funny to me (an American) to hear a vicar in such enthusiastic support of pubs! I'm not much of a drinker myself... never beer, that's for certain! But I do enjoy an occasional cocktail from time to time... more often in summer... at the beach! But the idea of sitting around a pub or a tavern perhaps drinking something WARM ... maybe a cider... and singing carols -- that is verrrry appealing to me!

quilly said...

Of course, the American concept of Pub is bar, whereas I believe they are really more along the lines of gathering houses for ALL in England, yes?