Thursday, October 15, 2009

Excellent ASBO Jesus!

The Blog 'The Ongoing Adventures of Asbo Jesus' often has lots of fuel for thought, this one is no exception. Jon is also a twitterer, you can find him here and I hope he doesn't mind me showing the picture, there didn't seem to be a don't copy command on the website but I will take it down and just put a link up if that's preferred. Whatever, he's highly recommended!


quilly said...

Excellent concept. The church needs to move to the people. That's what Sidewalk Sunday School was all about.

quilly said...

I am giving the message at the 5 o'clock service this Sunday evening. Your post just gave me the inspiration for my opening sentence: For oo long we have sat on our pews, safe behind our church walls, and waited to see who would come to us.

I am going to share the story of Rev. Bill Wilson and his commitment to outreach ministries. I will post it Sunday night or Monday morning.

Melli said...

I had to go do some research. I had NO idea what ASBO was! I was asking myself "what IS this ASBO Jesus?"... LOL! Well, if Jesus lived today, I'm sure he would be considered ASBO in many ways. He certainly was back in the day! So... having done my research, I was able to look through the cartoons and "get it" appropriately! ;)

It is certainly true that the church needs to get OUT into the community! We can't sit back and expect the community is going to "just decide" to come to US!