Tuesday, October 20, 2009

See, I said there were a few sermons on the way

Another Sermon. This week I preached two sermons and prepared three! One (for our earlier service) was for St Luke's day, one (for later morning) was for our 'All Age' worship and was more notes than script, and pretty much busked when it got to it :-). The third was written for a friend who was trying to fit in too much to her life and wanted a hand, that one might be published later. I'm afraid I am going to skip posting the all age, but here is St Luke...

St Luke (2009)
St Luke the Evangelist…

When I lived in London, which was some time ago, there was a visit from an American Evangelist to Earls Court Arena. He was coming to bring his ‘healing ministry’ to the UK – his name was (and I assume still is) Morris Curello. London was plastered with huge posters which had pictures of abandoned wheelchairs and dropped crutches, and various medical impliments discarded in the wake of this man’s healing campaign.

There was some controversy over these posters because a number of people said they degraded those who were wheelchair bound, and in the Church there was an adverse reaction to what was derogatorily referred to as ‘Faith Healing’. Derogatory because faith healing seems more to do with the person that has such a ‘ministry’ than the God who Christians believe is the great healer, or Christ who is referred to as ‘the Wounded Healer’.... [more]

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