Monday, October 26, 2009

I second that emulsion

It has been pretty full on recently - as previous posts have probably intimated, this pub project is taking up a fair amount of energy, mental and physical. On Friday I trained as a licensee and will hopefully find out in the next day or so if I passed my exam, will then get a certificate and have to sign up for my personal license with the local council - this gives me authority to 'sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail' and is (rightly many would say) tightly regulated.

I was interested to find out that there are very strict guidelines with regards to what a licensee can and can't do. We can't sell alcohol to anyone who is obviously drunk, and a close eye is to be kept on the possibility that alcohol might be sold to children (ie someone sharing their drink with under 18s). We have had to learn the four 'Licensing Objectives' - the reasons that alcohol is licensed:
Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Prevention of Public Nuisance
Public Safety
Protection of children from harm.

I am very pleased I can remember them!

So, Friday last was spent doing the license holder thing from 10am to 6pm .... Saturday meant back at the pub for a committee meeting at 8.30am and a day of cleaning, sorting, painting and another committee meeting until 6.30pm then home to sort out sermons and prepare Sunday stuff, then Sunday was, well, Sunday, the usual.

And after all the glitz and glamour of the weekend (lots of TV camera stuff going on, but if I am lucky all my gaffs will be edited out) we got to Monday morning and the reason for this post.

I had a meeting at 9am (which I got to about ten minutes late) to choose a colour of paint for our chancel here in Kilmington Church (hence cheesy-but-too-good-to-pass-up-80s-reference-blog-post-title). I bet when people think of the jobs that clergy have to do, choosing paint colours for the church doesn't really enter into it. I'm not belittling it, this is all part of the warp and weft of everyday life for our churches but with all the quips about 'you only work one day a week' people don't actually have much of an idea what we do get up to. The practical is always hand in hand with the spiritual, the pastoral with the practical, the mundane with the sublime. In that way, ministry is like life!

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support for the Yarcombe Inn thing, prayers appreciated - as a couple of commenters have said, not the usual thing one prays for, but I think this is an important project for this community and they are taking it seriously not as a chance to play at running a business, or even because we all want to drink beer but for the benefit of our community!

Details of the launch can be found on the facebook page here, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood :-)

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quilly said...

I am looking at this as a community center project. The sale of alchol is purely incidental, because I don't think that is the over all vision for the pup.