Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pub, the latest

A few random thoughts, feeling tired after a few busy days so they might not be completely together!

After an afternoon tinged with disappointment (only because no samples were brought for tasting) we are considering who should supply the Community Pub at Yarcombe with drinks. We are discovering some tensions because the TV company backing, or driving, the project of having a community pub are under constraints of their own regarding shooting schedules which don't fit in with the lives of those of us who work full time, and don't necessarily fit in with the timescale of getting people up and running for the pub's grand re-opening next Thursday.

Someone put it well, we are all trying to use each other (not meant to be a derogatory term, simply what's going on). The TV company are wanting to film a show, the village wants a pub and TV company are helping with that, the suppliers are wanting trade, in the end we all need to get what we can and give what we can for/to/with each other.

I was pleased when the TV company got this moving, though I have to say credit for getting the whole project put on anyone's agenda goes to one of our local parishioners, a Mr Ford, who really pushed for things to happen until the TV company got involved and took on the reins!

It is interesting how a project like this brings out certain village politics and tensions. There has certainly been no 'bitching' but there are gripes that come out in conversation that show certain relationship dynamics. I am impressed by the dedication of the committee and volunteers as displayed so far, and think this has a very good chance of working.

From a pastoral point of view it's been great to get involved with people who I don't normally have contact with. I hope that this pub project will help those relationships to grow, along with the relationship between church and village being nurtured. The one thing I have to watch is that this doesn't take up too much of my time, I have four other parishes to consider too.

Will keep you updated with random blog posts as time goes on....


quilly said...

Well, "using" one another is great if everybody wins. It is when there are winners and losers that problems arise. I said a prayer for the logistics! Yours, the pub's, the TV station -- all involved.

Nessa said...

Visiting from Dr. John. I hope all works out well for everyone involved.

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Melli said...

I know it will all work out Alastair. I'm sure everyone is feeling a little "pressured" right now... but once things really get rolling... well - I HOPE it can all be managed! I'll pray too.

Dr.John said...

I am praying for you. I never thought I would pray for A Pub but life has many twists.