Monday, May 07, 2007

Blog talkers catchup

It's a bank holiday (public holiday) today and I should be taking the day off, though i have some stuff to do. It is a quieter day today, though, so I am going to take a few minutes to catch up on me blogging...

Have three blog talkers to catch up on, including this week's. I may stagger them over a couple of days, or I may just do the lot today - that's the kind of crazy, spontaneous guy I am!

Firstly number 17:

Why are people obsessed with the weather? And if you watch the Weather Channel, why?

I thought it was just us brits who were obsessed with the weather. In the absence of all other conversation, and usually in an effort to avoid conversations of any real substance, we will talk about how much, or recently how little, it rains. At least global warming is causing some variety in the conversation as our weather patters do seem to be genuinely different to the usual. The bit of England I live in (East Anglia) is, I think, the driest part of the country, and also contains vast swathes of Arable land so the weather has a direct impact on our farming, and with the amount of house building going on on our water supplies. So weather is a daily concern for many around here, or rather the amount of rainfall is.

We don't get the weather channel, though our digital TV services do have interactive sections which have detailed and regularly updated weather reports, which I do look at occasionally - usually if we have a holiday or a long journey to go on, especially if I am riding my motorbike any distance. It's not that the rain stops me riding but that i need to know how much wet weather gear to take, light showers are fine and I will happily get soggy and dry out as I ride, but heavy rain just makes a biker miserable and less alert if s/he doesn't have adequate protection.

So not obsessed with the weather per se, it is a helpful diversionary tactic in conversation, influences our journey making and holiday plans, and there are concerns about our weather patterns, but these crop up relatively infrequently really!

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